Online Store

Why doesn’t Extreme Velocity have an online store? 

People sometimes ask why we don’t have an online store. The answer is that we used to, but decided to shut it down years ago. And it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. 

Someone once told me to find what you do better than anyone else, and put all your efforts into that. For EV, that thing we do best is the in-store retail experience

Back in 2003 when we started the business, we started our online store as well. Both the retail store and online store grew rapidly. In 2007 our online store was at it’s peak. We sold a good amount of product, and it kept us very busy. But when we took a good critical look at the business, we realized that by the time we shipped out all the products, maintained the website, and paid for all the other expenses related to the online business, it was a break-even at best. So we were all very busy… but not actually making any money. 

We decided to shut down the online store, and focus all our efforts on the in-store experience. This decision allowed us to focus on what we loved the most, and make the retail store the best it can be. The added bonus of this whole process, is that we actually SAVED money by shutting down the online store, and are able to pass along better pricing in our store to our valued guests. 

Over the years we’ve seen many online paintball and airsoft stores come and go. The thought process is always the same, “Sell enough volume and eventually it will be profitable.” And one after another the biggest online retailers have gone bankrupt, and another one takes it’s place. We are happy to watch this play out from the sidelines. Meanwhile, we will continue to grow our store, build new and interesting displays, and provide the best value to our guests.

We know it’s a bummer to not be able to buy from us online, but until we can figure out how to let you try on a mask, or test fire a gun on the internet, you’ll just have to make the trip down to see us. (Although maybe Virtual Reality goggles will get us there…)