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Planet Eclipse MARKH1001000

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The original Gtek was the first Eclipse marker to bare the now-iconic Gamma Core drivetrain. Efficient. Smooth. Quiet. Gentle on even the most fragile paint. And reliable beyond comprehension. From frozen wastelands to scorched earth deserts the Gamma Core delivers all of its potential, all of the time. So the decision to continue with the Gamma Core in this, the Second Generation of Gtek was a simple one. A no-brainer. But that didn’t mean the rest of the marker wouldn’t see a serious overhaul. The 170R combines a raft of advanced features to bring the Gtek line bang up to date.

With its blade-like lines, the Gtek170R is a tool sharpened and ready to perform at any level.

The main focus has been achieving a completely hoseless version of the Gtek, while still retaining simplicity of assembly and of course, reliability. This has been achieved by placing the brand new inline regulator directly adjacent to the new POPS assembly, in the base of the frame, moving the battery into the foregrip, and mounting the solenoid inside the frame, rather than mounting to the bottom of the body. Even the new breech sensor system, that utilizes prismatic light pipes to guide the infrared light through the breech, is attached to the frame. This means that all critical components are now housed within the frame, simplifying the design, and making maintenance and break down far quicker and easier. Adding to the simplicity of the package, the 170R also includes toolless access to the eye covers, detent, battery and of course the drivetrain and bolt. These all go to make the 170R incredibly simple to clean and maintain. A pleasure to live with both on and off the field.

Powered by the ground-breaking Gamma Core Spool Drivetrain the Gtek170R can go toe-to-toe with any opponent, on any battlefield, in any climate.

But of course, there is more to the 170R than just reliability and simplicity. The 170R also comes fully accessorised with a range of features that you would expect to find on a marker of this quality and pedigree.

There is an OLED display with shot counter, game timer, Rate of Fire indicator and a whole array of tournament specification firing modes. There’s the latest Eclipse lowrise clamping feed. Shaft5 threaded 2-piece 14.5″ barrel. POPS ASA. And of course, full metal construction designed to give the 170R super sleek looks and that featherweight feel that makes the 170R just so nice to play with.

The Gtek170R hoseless air transfer system and toolless access points makes it a dream to shoot and a breeze to maintain.

Whether it’s the low recoil keeping your aim on point and target in your sights shot after shot or it’s quiet sound signature keeping you concealed from the enemy as you stealth yourself through the undergrowth, the 170R offers something for every player and every style of play. Efficiency. Reliability. Simplicity. It has it all. It’s a marker destined to become the choice for every serious player.

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