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Woodland Camo

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The Grit Pack Paintball Harness is all about simplicity and performance. We decided to focus on making a paintball harness that could get the job done in the woods or on the tournament field. The harness has durable VELCRO straps to securely hold your pods in place until you need them in additional elastic pod holsters. Our back support was developed with comfort in mind: ergonomic lumbar back cushion with breathable and comfortable material. We’ve added an ID pocket for you to keep your ID or money close to you. The Grit Paintball Harness is part of our performance focused gear line of products. Pods pictured are not included with purchase.

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3+6 Woodland, 4+7 Tan, 4+7 Black, 4+7 Woodland, 3+6 Tan, 3+6 Black, 6+9 Black, 3+6 Hunter, 4+7 Hunter, 6+9 Hunter


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