Social Long Tie Head Band


Don’t Tread On Me

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Social Paintball dye sublimated graphics on a polyester long tie headband. This paintball headband measures 41 inches in length by 2.75 inches in the center (where your forehead goes) then tapers down to ~2 inches towards the end of the ties. Each headband comes with a moisture absorbing sweatband sewn in to keep your forehead dry and that nasty sweat out of your eyes while playing paintball.

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California, Fireball, Purple S, American Cam, Tiger Olive, Loyalty, White Tiger, OG Green, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Rang, White Ranger, Fight Words, Donuts, Cash Money, Bacon Strips, Destiny Purp, Destiny Yell, Tron Black, Grit Black, Red Social, Blue Plaid, Cuban Flag, Social USA, Don't Tread, Panama Flag, Tropics, Skulls, Puerto Rico, Dominican, Dark Wood T, Mexico Flag, Rising Sun, Pink S, USA Flag, Texas Flag, Camo Social, Split S, Orange Leop, White Skulls, Argyle Green, Social L, baby Yoda, Man/Yoda, I Have Spoke, IG-11


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